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The Lips Squared sign


This sign means "Girl, you got it". You can use it in any situation.

Your boyfriend left you? Who cares! "You got it".

Someone is mean to you? Let them know that you "got it".

And yes, if you are really happy, let everybody know that, oh yeah, "Girl, you got it"!



Rosie the Riveter was a powerful symbol of an empowered woman.

Just imagine what TWO empowerd women can do when caming together!

For instance, why women are considered preys and men hunters?

In our music video SHARE we switch sides. What do you think?

Why Lips Squared?

Starting with lips.
Lips express many things in a woman, sexuality, sensuality, but also the power to talk, to express our feelings, to make requests, to ask and... to get results.

Why squared? Because women should not just add their power to other women’s power to achieve their goals. Instead women should multiply their individual power with other women's power and act as one.

So, for two women raising them to the second power means becoming... squared.



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